M35 is an international design consultancy, based out of Sydney.

The studio partners with ambitious clients to launch new brands, reimagine established ones, and accelerate growth. From category defying startups to publicly listed icons. From brand origination and identity, to products and packaging, publishing, physical environments and beyond.

M35’s approach is research driven, human-centered and holistic. Our team hails from some of the most respected creative agencies and consumer brands around the world, bringing a mix of perspectives rarely seen in traditional design firms.

The studio operates globally across a range of assignments, ranging from specialist one-off projects, to long-term retained relationships, and venture partnerships.

M35 is a young, nimble, and impact-driven design practice, specialising in ambitious brand and identity transformations.

We believe the key to businesses and organisations thriving in the future is diverse and extraordinary creativity, underpinned by a powerful data and insight led strategy with a clearly defined purpose at its heart. At M35 we work with ambitious leaders, teams and organisations to identify and clearly express their purpose, providing the foundation for smarter, more efficient and more compelling ways to interact with the world.

As the challenges our partners face grow increasingly more fragmented and complex, we’ve designed an approach that’s both platform and channel agnostic. Our studio’s concept-first philosophy and a focus on identity design systems means our clients are able to communicate their most potent narrative visually, through all touch points and experiences.

We regularly collaborate with some of the world’s most iconic brands seeking to reimagine modern culture, lifestyle, technology, and human experience. To build meaning and connection independent of geography, our approach is human-centred, locally-informed, and deliberately global. Today, about half the studio’s output is for international clients, large and small.

We work hard to stay intentionally small, independent, and practitioner-led. So the people you buy into are the same ones you collaborate with across a project. To augment in-house capabilities, we regularly assemble bespoke collectives of longstanding global specialists around the needs of a challenge. This ‘brains not bodies approach’ minimises bureaucracy, eliminates frictions, and ensures our clients get senior talent working directly, more closely across all stages.

We focus primarily on identity origination, brand acceleration, and transformation. This is informed by an approach built on over a decade’s work across the UK and the Netherlands, collaborating with some of the most progressive brand thinkers in the world including Apple, Nike, Vogue, Björk, the BBC, The Face Magazine, and MTV. These experiences inspired a studio philosophy that combines proven modernist design principles and systems with emotive techniques.

Our intent with each assignment is to develop brands, identities and stories that traverse decades, and which people feel a genuine sense of connection with.